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Clew Bay's Riding the Paddy Wagon

Paddy ..... aka Paddy Cakes

Paddy is our matriarch here at Clew Bay, as was her mother, Pippah!  Her independence keeps all the girls in line.   She enjoyed her obedience training and is very willing to learn.  It was such fun teaching her hand signals.   She is one of the best copilots - loves her trips to Dunkin' and the lumber yard.  

Paddy had her very first litter of 11 puppies and has proven to be an extremely warm and loving mom, caring for and teaching her puppies (even up to six months of age) naturally. 

Paddy x Oakley puppies due in August

Paddy jpg.jpg
Paddy 2 jpg.jpg


Paddy first litter 2022.jpg
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