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Waterfront's Midsummer Maddness




Rori came to us at 9 weeks of age from Waterfront Golden Retrievers. We are thankful for our friendship! 


Rori exemplifies the ideal family pet, bringing joy and companionship to all she encounters, especially with her bit of a cheeky side that keeps us laughing!


She is delightfully confident and loves to learn. She is also open-minded, eager and affectionate. Rori  is very smart, probably too smart!


Rori has a moderate energy level, but will do anything you ask of her with enthusiasm. She is a strong athletic girl and a proven volleyball star: playing volley the toy back and forth over a gate. Another favorite is water games, where she purposely drops the ball in the water dish and then snorkels until she retrieves it again.


She is very expressive!  Please see the “many faces of Rori” below.

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